custom: skirmisher augment

the halo: reach skirmisher minor was another great-looking figure cursed by limited poseability. after seeing glowing reviews of the halo 4 elite ranger, i figured it was a good candidate for a head swap, especially since the elite ranger’s head is trapped by a non-removable helmet. oh, and that rifle though.. that rifle?! after some very intense drilling, i ended up with a beastly-sized skirmisher.


head: halo reach skirmisher minor
everything else: halo 4 elite ranger


described to me as “the best superhero movie so far this year,” i finally saw and very much enjoyed justice league: flashpoint paradox. at first, the animation style and character designs were distracting, but the great storyline and action eventually won me over. the ongoing war in the alternate universe is ripe with tension and brutality. glad they didn’t hold back. great stuff, but it left me longing for a legitimately shared dc animated universe rooted in bruce tim’s justice league or greg weisman’s young justice.



custom: matt trakker

i needed a generic non-star wars mercenary-type, and the matt trakker figure came to mind. besides trakker’s helmet, head, and chest armor, this guy’s parts are all from my fodder bin. the only painting done was the black on the thighs.


helmet, head, & chest armor: 25th anniv. matt trakker
torso & upper arms: RoC flash
forearms & lower legs: RoC accelerator suit ripcord
thighs: 25th anniv. mercenary wraith


custom: republic hunter

i wanna try to use up as many parts as possible from my fodder bin to kit-bash up some characters. fortunately i’ve got a good number of clone trooper parts which provide great articulation for potential new characters. unfortunately, customs with clone trooper parts have been done to no end.


helmet: clone trooper from 2012 deluxe barc speeder
forearms & jetpack: the force unleashed multi-pack jump trooper
lower legs: RotS super-articulated clone trooper
blaster: CG clone wars clone trooper
everything else: comic pack bultar swan


custom: cobra leader

the torso of this agent helix figure sat unused in my fodder bin for the longest. i figured i’d repaint the figure’s yellow jumpsuit in order to create a “commander” for my cobra forces.


head: RoC M.A.R.S. officer
forearms: RoC neo-viper
lower legs: RoC reactive scarlet
everything else: RoC agent helix


finally picked up some retaliation stuff, but i still haven’t seen the movie.



the end of young justice

as years go by, there are fewer and fewer shows/properties that really bring out my fandom. so when young justice and green lantern: the animated series ended, the letdown was more severe.

loved young justice from the start. the new take on the characters’ backgrounds, motivations, and designs made me feel that this was going to be the best, most realistic take on the DC universe, which i had waiting for. however, with the series’s numerous plot elements, and being hampered by hiatuses, it’s not surprising that the ending was rushed. oh well. hopefully the creators will get the chance to come through on their open-ended conclusion.


i think overall, green lantern ended up being the more solid series.



an upcoming summer with new jurassic park dinos? it almost takes me back to ‘93. with the return of jurassic park to theaters in 3D, they’ve put out some dinos with great sculpts, articulation, removable dino-damage (it’s back!), and of course gimmicky action features. last, but not least, incorporating g.i. joe figures to this property is an excellent idea. the scale and theme of the joes fits JP nicely. i’m questioning that $30 price point though.



you had my curiosity, now you have my attention.


legos ain’t messin’ around in 2013. also there are klingons! granted, they aren’t legos, and they are from the abrams-verse star trek, but they’re KLINGONS ffs!



the toy meter

hiatus up in this piece like young justice! seriously though, my toy interest in the last half of the past year was nearly non-existent, but i’ve been hearing about some cool things to come in 2013. out of curiosity and fun, i wanted to keep track of how much i’d spend on my discreditable habit this year. below is a poorly fashioned meter that shows the price of the current purchase in the first column and the new total spent in the second. the meter’s already gained some mileage from january, when i bought a kohl’s exclusive nerf rapid strike mission kit on sale for around $30.


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